Wine Rooms & Bars

This wine room is a full custom where the client is a local wine aficionodo, had some functional needs that were desired. The room measures 9’ wide by 12’ deep. He wanted it to hold approximately 1000 bottles of wine. The wine racks were to hold 11 bottles in a vertical row with the a 12th bottle on an angle to be displayed. The result is each row with display bottle holds a full case. Below the wine racks are shelves that are dimensioned to hold half cases (6 bottle) along the side walls and full (12 bottle) at the end. One side of the wine room is storage for Okanagan Valley wines and the other side is for European varieties. Each bottle in this room is inventoried and tracked with a small handheld scanner and a computer. All the wood in the room is superior grade Alder. All of it is stained ,sealed, and topcoated with a catalyzed lacquer. That way the smell of the wood won’t effect the taste of the wine over time and also won’t stain the wood if a wine spill should occur.